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Patrice Headington Creative has worked with many online coaches, consultants and personality-based businesses.

This year, we hit it out of the ballpark with a best-selling author, businesswoman and business mentor, getting her 23 high-ticket sales, making 57K in 60 days


She grew her list by 1873 people in the 60 day period (it's now up to 7000 subs),  a 42% landing page conversion rate, and 23 sales into her high-ticket coaching program. We've now automated the funnel into an evergreen model and it's making sales consistently.

See the full report here.

This year, we hit it out of the ballpark, earning an online life coach 45K in 30 days


The coach experienced a 49% landing page conversion rate, booked 61 sales calls in 30 days at $15 a call and closed 13 people into her high-ticket coaching program.   

See the full report here.

This year, we hit it out of the ballpark, earning an online coach 24K in 60 days.  

The coach experienced a 650% increase in freebie traffic, a ROAS of 9.6x, webinar registrations for $1.99, increased booked calls by 320% and increased landing page conversion rates to 58%. 

See the full report here.

When we contacted Patrice Headington Creative we knew we needed to find someone with the time and skills to market our productions online.

Often publicity started a couple of weeks before the show opened, and the word didn’t get out in enough time to do any good. This resulted in lower attendance which led to loss of income. So, we wanted to increase ticket sales.

Ms. Headington’s skills and knowledge of targeting audiences along with her willingness to work with us created a dramatic increase in traffic to our website. We had some of the best ticket sales in our history.

While it’s impossible to know why someone chooses to attend a show, Ms Headington’s contribution to that increase cannot be denied.

Patrice and her team worked closely with us on every step of the project. She took time to find out exactly what we wanted and needed. She then created a campaign to reach those people most likely to be interested in our production. Throughout our association she was punctual, creative, skilled and thoughtful.


I highly recommend her to anyone interested in reaching their online customers.

Sue Ellen Gerrells
Director and Board Member, South City Theatre

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